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Top Urdu podcasts have one thing in common. That is, nothing!

Lehja also has its share of uniqueness in the world of Urdu podcasting. It is a literary recitation series in which Raheel Farooq reads classics of Urdu literature, mainly poetry, with sitar and sarod melodies in the background. We don’t claim that it is the best podcast for students of Urdu language and literature. But our listeners mostly do.

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The Story - Urdu Podcast


Lehja is an online media enterprise that uses digital technology to revitalize classical Urdu literature. We produce classic audio renditions of Urdu literary masterpieces, especially poetry.

Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with shades of deeper meaning.

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What People Say

You can already be compared with Zia Mohyeddin. You're not far behind him. If you kept going like this, we look forward to a great future for you!
Javed Ahmad Ghamidi
Javed A. Ghamidi
Your audio sounds so fresh. I have been in radio for decades and, based on my experience, can assure you it's extraordinary.
Arif Waqar
Arif Waqar
I was amazed to see that someone is working so hard for Urdu literature. It's very very good.
Zeba Bakhtiar
Zeba Bakhtiar
Lehja is one of my favorite channels online, on which select masterpieces of Urdu poets and writers are presented with wonderful calligraphy and in the enchanting voice of Raheel Farooq.
Naureen Ibrahim
Naureen Ibrahim
Yes, I admire his work a lot.
Nadeem Farooq Paracha
Nadeem F. Paracha
Must say that you are doing justice with Urdu poetry. Not only that your selection of ghazals and nazms is spot on, the rendition and the pronunciation are extremely comforting to the ears and a satisfying reinforcement that Urdu-i-Mualla is one of the most beautiful languages of the East.
Naveed Sadozai
Naveed Sadozai

Your Host

Raheel Farooq

Raheel Farooq